E D I T O R I A L   W O R K
Good editorial work is the most important prerequisite when producing successful and high-quality recordings and radio shows, especially if these products are intended for a wide audience all over the world.
The reason is very simple:
the success of each video and each TV or radio feature hinges on the SCRIPT AND THE NARRATION. The same is true all over the world!


It does happen that clients provide us with a script that is comprised solely of keywords even though they require a video with commentary - which means that we are responsible for the entire CONCEPT.
In such cases it is our job to do all the research, write the scripts and then have the project authorized by the client. And it is only after the optimized script has been given the go-ahead that we can begin work on the commentary and the soundtrack.

It is seldom the case that manuscripts provided by the client are actually ready and suitable for recording from the word go - it makes a big difference whether the script is meant for reading or LISTENING purposes.
Therefore we optimize the script and then do the recordings - once the client has given the okay.