I generally like to liven up events for which I am compering in some way:
If the client so wishes I can provide the best of international light music.
The music from my studio archive is recorded on sound carrier and I play it on my PA-system - PA stands for public address and refers to the system necessary to convey sound via loudspeakers to an audience.
I always take my PA-system on location with me.
My sound archive comprises over 250,000 pop songs and music for dancing - golden oldies from the past 40 years, easy listening, swing and country music.
The whole system is often used for the express purpose of dancing.




A mixed programme of compering and music must be well thougt out. That means that whether it's a dance, a ball or a gala consultation and planning are the be-all and end-all.
My detailed knowledge of repertoire and a good instinct for harmonious and easy-to-dance-to international light music help to ensure that such functions are a success.
Often I work together with other professionals or guests such as sportsmen and -women, politicians, cabaret artists or bands.

  • The band alternates with recorded music that is played from my sound carriers: the band plays a round, and in the next the music comes from my archive. Compering and coordinating are my roles.
  • While I play golden oldies from my archive at a dance various artists perform during the intervals - dance formations, juggling or balancing acts and magic.
    The course of the programme remains flexible in this case and can be changed at any moment.
    I comply with the client's wishes and the intended programme as far as designing the programme and the compering is concerned.


My archive includes over 250,000 individual songs from international pop music with golden oldies, easy listening, light music, country music, big band sounds and swing. We're constantly making additions to the archive.

We can also offer an extensive choice of MUSIC THAT IS NOT SUBJECT TO INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT.


I have at my disposal a large archive of international sounds from an array of areas including leisure activities, industry, transport, sport, household, office and many, many more.